I’ve found the secret to L-sits…

… take your shoes off! Well it was Mark Beck’s idea really. Got 13 seconds on the L-sit which is a big jump from 3 seconds, but is over the all important 10 second barrier for the Level 1 test.

Just 2 to go now, the 1 mile run and Christine again. As I promised myself (and against my better judgement) I did a double lap of the Mill as the start of the Crossfit warm up. Whilst I was completely knackered by the end of it, and the time was a slow 4:58 for 860m, it was very pleasing to keep going all the way without stopping. I’m going to aim for 4 weeks to have my first real crack at the 1 mile run.

In the mean tim, I hope to try Christine again in a few weeks, see if I can’t shave those pesky 4 minutes off my time.

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