How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage – and how Crossfit and The Zone are changing mine

I’m doing 2 things new this year: one is to get fit by exercising the Crossfit way the other (which is actually a result of Crossfit) is to try the Zone Diet Book, by Dr. Barry Sears (UK).

So I figured it would be a good idea to monitor my percentage body fat, here’s how I calculated my body fat percentage based on figures 2 months ago, and figures now (now being after 2 months of Crossfit and 2 weeks of The Zone). I used the method described in the Dr. Barry Sears Enter The Zone (USA) diet book. The method for men is this (women is different, you’ll have to buy the book):

1) Measure the circumference of your waist across your belly button, the tape measure must remain level with the ground.
2) Measure your wrist, where your wrist bends, in the space between your wrist bone and your main hand hand.
3) Subtract the wrist measurement (2) from your waist circumference (1).
4) Weigh yourself.
5) Look up the figures (3) and (4) on the chart in the book, and see what your percentage body fat calculation is.

Two months ago, my body fat calculation went like this:

1) 42.5 inches waist
2) 8 inches wrist
3) 42.5 – 8 = 34.5 inches
4) 14 stone 10 = 206 lbs
5) 29% calculated body fat percentage

Now after 2 months Crossfit, and 2 weeks on the Zone, I’ve lost an inch round my waist but maintained weight (implying I’m putting on muscle), so my body fat calculation goes like this:

1) 41.5 inches waist
2) 8 inches wrist
3) 41.5 – 8 = 33.5 inches
4) 14 stone 10 = 206 lbs
5) 27% calculated body fat percentage

Which I have to say I’m quite pleased about. In fact just this morning I tried on 3 pairs of 36 inch jeans I haven’t worn for over 3 years, and they all fit (I normally wear 38 inch)! My body fat percentage has dropped 2%, my waist is thinner, I’m in jeans I haven’t worn for 3 years. And it’s all down to Crossfit and Dr. Barry Sears’ The Zone Diet Book.

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  • Lumsdoni 26 March 2007, 11:25 am

    Good work Colin, you will find it very effective keeping a note of the exercise as it maintains motivation having to write something down each time.

  • Colin McNulty 26 March 2007, 11:28 am

    Cheers Pete, You can find my training log here

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