Easter on the Zone Diet

Forget it! I took the view that there is very little point trying to stay on the zone diet at Easter, I’m partial to the odd chocolate egg as much as the next person. Additionally we had friends over for a few days, so we decided to lay off our Zone diet plan for the weekend.

This did however provide for an interesting experiment about the effects of the diet. For all the wonderful claims Dr. Barry Sears attributes to following a zone diet plan, they are rather hard to properly measure. The Atkins diet and its ketosis allows for easy measurement of whether you are doing it right and are in ketosis, the zone diet does not. I’m sure I think I feel better, have more energy, seem to need less sleep, but these effects are hard to measure.

Having been on the zone, ditching it completely for a few days then should be interesting, so the question is, how do I feel having eaten mash potatoes, pasta, rice, and an (un)healthy amount of chocolate in the last few days…..

I feel like I always used to before following a zone diet plan, which is to say: rather lethargic and tired; generally feeling run down; a lot of things feel like a whole lot of effort and sitting on my fat backside and watching tele all days seems like an excellent idea; but the biggest change is this: I’m hungry! About 2 hours after every meal I feel I could eat all over again. If that’s not evidence of the typical effects of excess insulin in my system, brought on by eating too many carbs and excessive high glycemic index carbs at that, then I don’t know what is.

So what does that mean for me and the zone? Well, I’m going back on my zone diet plan as soon as I can. It’s off to the shops for me today to restock up on zone favourable food.

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