Crossfit – Angie chewed me up and spat me out!

Weekly Crossfit exercises round-up:

Tuesday 17th July

Classic circuit training here:

15 High Box Jump
30 Double Unders (skipping where the rope goes round twice per jump)
15 L Pull Ups (I could only manage knee raise pull ups)
30 Sit Ups
Run 430m
15 Dumb Bell Cleans
30 Lunge Walk
15 Ball Slam
30 Press Ups (Push ups for you Yanks)
Row 430m

Time (Box height, DBells each)

20:55 (30″, 17.5kg)

This was well hard and I was a mess by the time we finished.

Thursday 19th July

An odd one this one, not for time but for the max weight you can do in each group of rounds. I increased weight once I had good form:

5 rounds of: 1 Snatch + 3 Over Head Squats.
Then 5 rounds of: 1 Snatch + 2 Over Head Squats.
Then 5 rounds of: 1 Snatch + 1 Over Head Squats.

Group 1: 40 – 40 – 40 – 50 – 50
Group 2: 50 – 55 – 55 – 55 – 60 –
Group 3: 60 – 65(PB) – 67.5(F) – 67.5(F) – 67.5(F)

On the first attempt at 67.5kg I managed to drop the bar on my head! Not something I’d recommend to be honest, but fortunately it was a glancing blow as the bar was on the way down from back to front and looked a lot worse than it was.

:) Snatches are fun, I enjoyed this one.

Friday 20th July

5 rounds of
5 Dumb Bell Deadlifts
5 Dumb Bell Cleans
5 Dumb Bell Push Presses
5 Dumb Bell Front Squats

So each “round” is 20 lifts in total, and you can’t put the dumbbells down in the round. It’s the push presses I find hardest. I did this back in April and did the same weight, but this time it did feel easier to be fair.

15 – 17.5 – 20 – 22.5 – 25

Saturday 21st July

100 Pull Ups
100 Press Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats


A signature Crossfit workout, Angie is hard. Each exercise must be done in its entirety before moving on to the next. And a 35 min workout is a long time for Crossfit. Now, everything hurts: My wrist is sore, I have a blister on my right palm, my forearms ache, my right elbow is tender, both my shoulders feel like they’ve been stamped on, my back ache’s, front and back of thighs both feel sore. It would be quicker to say what *doesn’t* hurt! Damn it was hard.

Still, no pain, no gain and all that. It’s been interesting over the last few months, as I’ve seen a few people come down the gym, never to return. There was a guy the other day apparently, who’d heard that the actors in the film the 300 Spartans, had all been doing Crossfit style workouts to get in shape for the film (which is true) and he’d looked it up and came down as he wanted to get fit and sculptured like them. It appears there was just one snag: he hadn’t factored in the “hard work” element to getting fit! When he realised that he’d actually have to work out, sweat and perhaps suffer a bit, that was it, he was gone. Lol.

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  • Hector 26 November 2011, 5:09 pm

    I just did my first “Angie”, did it in 21:09… I did kipping on some of the pull ups, i wonder if that is cheating? This workout seems adictive, i already want to beat my time… But im burned. lol. 🙂

  • Colin McNulty 26 November 2011, 6:09 pm

    Hi Hector. Don’t worry, kipping pull ups on Angie are certainly not cheating.

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