Is this the Best Crossfit Workout Ever?

One of the defining features of Crossfit training for me, is its variety. Not just in the scores of different discrete exercises, but in the myriad ways they can be put together. Changing just one of the 4 (say) Crossfit exercises you are doing as part of a routine, can fundamentally alter the impact of that Crossfit workout on your body. It’s also variable depending on the individual too.

Swapping 20 Crossfit ball slams for a 400m run for example, whilst ostensibly they are both predominantly leg exercises, for me the run would tire me much more than the ball slams would. But for someone else, they may find the running the easier exercise. (If there is such a thing as an “easy” Crossfit exercise!)

It’s no surprise then, that different people prefer different Crossfit workouts. Typically you prefer what you’re good at, which brings me nicely to yesterdays workout at Crossfit Manchester

1 Clean
1 Push Press
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk

This was done as a single complex set, without putting the bar down between the exercises. The idea was to work up to a maximum weight. This Crossfit workout is right up my street. Heavy weights, Olympic lifting, technically complex exercises, and plenty of rest, lol !

I won’t bore you with the gory details, but I managed 80kg (176 lbs) as a complete set, and got the clean and Push Press at 85kg (my body weight and a 20kg increase in Personal Best for the Push Press!) however I was getting tired and I dumped the 85kg Push Jerk, which was a shame as I could and should have got it.

Not withstanding the failure at the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. It played to all my strengths and engaged the brain as each exercise requires concentration and focus to get right. I also got to throw lots of weight over my head, and whilst that gets pretty scary very quickly, there’s something very primordially satisfying about it! All I have to do now, is convince the Crossfit Manchester coaches to let me do it again. 😉

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