Why I’ve Had 3 Weeks Off Crossfit

Last year I hurt my right elbow at my brothers Stag Do whilst driving the off road Tomcars. It’s been playing me up ever since but was never enough to stop me doing Crossfit.

In the run up to Christmas however it got worse, basically a pain whenever lifting with it. I was finding it harder and harder to do things like Push Presses, Cleans etc so eventually went to the physio just before Christmas. She advised me to scale back what I was doing and I did for a few weeks, but it didn’t help. So I decided to take 2 weeks off as complete rest.

Well the news is good and bad. The good news is that when I do get pain, the pain is less severe. The bad news is, that I’m getting pain a lot more. Even doing normal stuff round the house like washing my face, opening a jar, etc. Even driving was giving me jip the other day. This is 4 months after banging it and after 3 weeks complete rest.

Yes it’s been 3 weeks as despite my intentions to go back after 2, I realised it was too soon. Also, it’s surprising how quick you can get out of the habit of going down the gym. I had several days last week when I really intended to, it just never seemed convenient. I guess I need to go back to the physio / quacks these week to see what can be done….?

Still, I went back to Crossfit on Saturday, it was always going to be bad but especially the heavy running component was hard. The Pose Running technique I’m trying is definitely helping reduce my calve pain when running, which is excellent news, but I found it hard to maintain the pose whilst knackered. More work to be done there.

I’m going to try to go 2-3 times a week from now on again, until my elbow sorts itself out. It’s damn frustrating constantly having to do substitutes, especially when it’s all the heavy lifting that I like, and can’t do.

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