Pose Running and Crossfit Pistols

Continuing with my Pose Running, I went for a run again this morning.  I’ve been trying to slow down my runs and concentrate on Pose Form and today managed a modest 10:35 but this was the easiest run yet.  Whilst “easiest” is clearly a relative term for me, for the first time… well ever really, there was this small and strange thought in the back of my mind: I wonder if I could keep going?   😮

The route I’ve got runs round the outside of 6 square blocks of houses, so I could easily start by adding an additional block at a time.  Maybe next time…. maybe.

I thought I’d give Pistols a try too (one legged squats), I learnt 2 important things trying Pistols:

  1. Pistols look easy.
  2. Pistols are a lot harder than they look !

The only way I could manage them was to use a dumbbell as counter balance, and that was surprisingly successful.  I managed to hold the Pistol position for 15 seconds each leg.  Will try these again when I’m not tired after a run.

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