Been Busy Recently

Wow been a busy week or so. 

  • Have had a client who’s getting slow screwed by his arogant web developer who refuses to take responsibility for their mistakes and I’m playing piggy in the middle. 
  • Been working on promoting several client sites.   
  • Having issues with one of my outsourced staff not following instructions.
  • Having to fire some outsourced authors and recruit others.
  • Dealing with company issues.
  • Reading “Getting Things Done” by David Allen
  • At not least of which, I’ve been working on a new air conditioning website.

Speaking of which, the new air con site hasn’t yet been spidered by Google since it’s new pages were launched.  This post will serve as an interesting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experiment.  As I’m sure you know all search engines work on links to sites and Google swings by this blog once or twice a week so should pick up these links shortly.  I’m betting a few well placed links to the Sitemap and the 3 main categories of portable air conditioning (mobile air con units with casters), split air conditioning (have the noisy compressor outside and quiet air handles inside) and commercial air conditioning (hugely powerful air con units for an industrial setting) should do the job.

On a personal note, the golfers elbow is still a problem, and I seem to have developed a bad back this last week, and oddly a sore bone in my foot.  I’m a wreck, lol.

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