Crossfit Exercise and Golfer’s Elbow Update

I tried once again to do a full warmup yesterday, this time I managed all 30 pull ups (albeit they aren’t proper one’s as the bar is only 5 foot off the ground, but they were as best as I could make them). I was definitely “aware” of my elbow but the pain was minimal. I resolved to try it and see how I felt during the day.

The good news is that it was 3pm before I remembered to this about whether my elbow was hurting or not, which obviously means that it can’t have been bothering me much. The bad news is that when I did think about it and gave it a poke and a few stretches, it was sorer than normal. Doing a routine of exercises in the evening didn’t help much either.

However I think it’s possibly good enough. I have maintained in my head for a while that once I can do a full warmup again, I will be ready to return to Crossfit. As much as that idea fills me with trepedation at the moment! So towards that end, I have booked myself a couple of Personal Training sessions at Crossfit Manchester.

Partly this is to ease me back in before I rejoin the group, partly it’s to assess what exercises I can do for my benefit, and partly it’s to assess what exercises I can do for the coaches benefit! The thing I need to be most wary of, is doing too much too soon, so these 2 PT sessions are all about reseting everyone’s expectations I think.

Still, it will be good to get back.

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