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I’ve not done an update on how my diets going for some time. I figured to be honest that with not going down the gym, it would probably all go wrong. I’m pleased to report then, that it hasn’t. I should say however, that I don’t really consider myself “on a diet” but rather when I talk about my diet, I’m talking about the sum total of the food that I normally eat.

In the last 4 months my weight has remained relatively constant at 13 stone (182 pounds / 83kg). Some days a little under, some days a little over. The total fluctuation has been a swing of 7 lbs / 3 kg. Considering I’ve done very little exercise in the last 4 months, this is quite pleasing.

It’s fair to say that my waist has increased marginally, by just 1/2 an inch to 36.5 at the widest point, I’m still just about in my 34″ waist trousers and 36″ trousers drown me now. This gives me a percentage body fat calculation of 18%, which is perfectly acceptable, but still not where I’d like to be.

I achieved the above by cutting back on my daily blocks to 12. My routine looked like this:

  • Breakfast – 3 blocks
  • Lunch – 3 blocks
  • Afternoon snack – 1 block
  • Evening meal – 4 blocks
  • Last thing snack – 1 block

My target is still to get down to 15% body fat. I also potentially have a weight target too: 77 kg, which is the next weight category down in the British Weight Lifiting Championships that I intend on entering in Feb 2009.  Fortunately, these targets all converge nicely at a maximum waist size of 35″.  If I weight 170 lbs, I’ll be 12st1 and 72 kg, and with a waist of 35″ I will be exactly 15% body fat.  So 1.5″ off my waist from a continued reduction in body fat is my achievable target for 2008.  After all, if I went from 30% to 18% in 2007, another 3% shouldn’t be a problem.

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