Friday Fun – Cat Videos

I got sent this great video of a cat murdering a printer:

Which made me think about checking out some of the best cat collection videos, here’s a couple:

Saved the best one till last:

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  • Mindy 27 July 2008, 10:12 am

    Hi colin,

    I also applied to become an astronaut and was not pleased with my rejection letter. Especially after we went through the trouble of paying for the flight medical and filling in that enormous application. Since I had dual-citizenship I applied for NASA’s astronauts and got accepted to their “highly qualified astronaut candidate list” but even when they didn’t selected me in the end they are willing to give feedback as to why I didn’t get selected. I think ESA should do the same. I would like to call the Head of ESOC Human Resources Division- F.C. Danesy and ask for feedback as well understand the selection criteria because I find it strange that NASA thought I was astronaut material but ESA not. Do you know how to get Mr. Danesy’s contact details?

    Mindy Howard

  • Colin McNulty 28 July 2008, 9:13 pm

    No idea Mindy and to be honest, I wouldn’t bother. The decision has been made and no amount of arguing is going to unmake it.

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