Searching for a Flat in London

Fingers crossed I’ll be taking a flat in Farringdon in London on Monday. I’ve been room hunting down there for 2 weeks now and have seen good places in bad locations, bad places in good locations, bad places in shocking locations, but finally I’ve found a great place in a fantastic location. I’ve been looking to lodge in a room in a house or flat share on a Monday to Friday basis. After some searching, these are the best 3 websites I’ve found and would recommend:

I’ve finally found a woman who owns an apartment a stone’s throw from Farringdon Tube station and so 5 minutes walk to my clients offices, which is a real boon as I won’t have to suffer a tube or bus commute. It also means that I don’t think I’ll need to get a travel card, which will save me about a thousand pounds a year.

The apartment is in a private managed block with porters etc and closely resembles a hotel in appearance and quality. It’s on 2 floors and with open plan kitchen, dinning room, living room, bathroom and 2 double bedrooms (one en-suite), it’s actually bigger than the homes of some people I know! But that’s not the best bit. The owner actually lives in Bedfordshire and this apartment is her weekend London retreat… she’s not there all week and I’ll have the place entirely to myself, which is a right result.

So I’m rolling up on Monday with my bags and a cheque book and letters of reference, so fingers crossed it’ll all go well and I’ll be in Monday night.

Then the next task will be to find a Crossfit friendly gym in the area. I’ve already started the search and I think I may have found the idea place, which will also be an amazing bargain, but that’s another post.

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  • Steve J 17 August 2008, 9:27 am

    Good luck…don’t eat too many jellied eels.

  • Colin McNulty 19 August 2008, 7:54 pm

    Cheers Steve, I’ll try not to loose the whippet either.

    Well I’m in and in a very nice place too, though it’s costing a pretty penny that’s for sure. I will still need to get used to London night time noises though, e.g. the pub round the corner having patrons chatting all evening and the night time air con across the road that squeals likes a stuck pig!

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