A weekend of Crossfit and stuff

It’s Sunday night, which is the worst part of the week, as I’m preparing to go away again for the week. It’s a tough thing to do as I hate leaving my daughter as she’s great fun to be around. I had a personal training session at the gym today to work on my olympic lifts before the Northern Masters in 3 weeks, and took the kid down too. We had her working on deadlifts with a 7.5kg technique bar (she weighs 24kg). Then we had her do a quick Crossfit workout of:

3 rounds of:
100m row
10 jumping pull ups
10 box jumps
5 dumbbell push presses with 3kg DBs

She managed this is a respectable 10:10. The dumb bells were bought from Newitts in their new year sale and the kid loves them. I’m going to try to get her doing at least 1 Crossfit style workout per week, if not 2.

This weekend we had 2 new members at the gym, 2 members of the Ugandan Olympic weightlifting team, one of which made it to the Beijing olympics! They were impressive to watch, weighing in at under 60kg, they were both doing easy power cleans, push jerk and clean and jerk complexes up to 100kg. They weren’t so good at the other stuff though. Rowing form and dumb bell push presses for example. It will be interesting to watch them as they progress.

As a slight aside, the wife has taken up spinning. Not as in exercise bikes, but as in sleeping beauty style spinning wool with a spinning wheel. So we went to some farm wool show in the middle of the country, south of Macclesfield. The trip was uneventful, but for one event: when driving down the drive at dusk, we were buzzed by a barn owl! I’ve never seen an owl flying in the wild before, hunting dinner I guess. It was spectacular.

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  • Steve J 11 January 2009, 11:01 pm

    Its part of the responsibility of being a parent I guess Colin! I love it when my ‘lil fella wants to go bike riding or do press ups along side me.

    I’d love to have seen the olympic lifters, I was awe struck at the games last year!

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