Deaths in the Family

What a torrid few days it’s been. One of our cats “Snap” has been ill since the new year with a wounds in his leg and behind his neck that won’t heal. We’ve been through 7 different treatments, 4 types of bandage, 3 collars, 2 vets, £700 and he’s been incarcerated in the living room for 10 weeks.

Sadly it all came to no avail and after getting gangrene in his leg, we had to take the decision to have him put to sleep on Friday. It was made worse by the fact that I wasn’t at home and the family had to deal with it without me. It’s always sad to lose a cat, especially when we’ve put in such an effort to treat him, he was only 4 years old too. In fact, it’s the very first cat we’ve had to put down, others have been run over or simply gone missing. Jadzia was very upset, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I’m beginning to wonder if naming cats in a theme when you get them is a good idea. We got 3 cats at once and so called them Snap, Crackle and Pop. First Pop disappeared when we were on holiday and now Snap has gone, leaving just Crackle. We also got Romulus and Remus, but Romulus got run over round the corner. Somewhere along the line, Crackle and Remus doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

Then this morning whilst at work, I get a call from a crying little girl: she’s woken up to find her hamster is dead in its cage. Losing 2 pets in 4 days, that’s not good! It makes me feel terrible for working away from home too, as I’m not there to help with Daddy comfort and burial duties. At 2 years old, it’s not a terrible age for a hamster, and given the number of times it escaped and was chased by the cats in the house (once actually getting properly caught!) it’s been lucky to live that long to be honest.

Not a good week.

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  • Wifey 17 March 2009, 9:00 pm

    If it is any consolation hun, I believe you not being here will be, in the long run a blessing, I think subconciously she does see mummy as the meanie poo poo head that took the cat away and never brought it back, and the harbinger of death which proclaimed the cold stiff body of said rodent departed from this earthly realm. I suspect she will talk to you about this because you have a level of detachment that I currently do not have.

    Lol it has however brought about some interesting discussion regarding our own mortalities, she thinks mummy being a tree hugging hippy and wanting a green burial rather cool, she has said she wants to be buried at sea and wants to know how you are going to be dispatched aswell, lol expect that conversation when you get home 😉

    She is more resiliant than you realise though sweetie, she didn’t flinch when we put the hammie in the take away tub and stuck her in the bottom drawer of the freezer so that you can be there when we do the biz, I however wish I was 8 again and wish my dad was here to do all these things, humpf nobody tells you that at the grand ole age of 36 I still had some growing up to do :S

  • Steve J 17 March 2009, 10:18 pm

    Yours is the 4th cat death I’ve heard of since Friday…

    Somebody obviously has an agenda against our feline friends.

  • Pete 19 March 2009, 10:58 pm

    As a hardened veteran of 3 guinea pig and one rabbit burials in recent years I worry the other way with my son, his first reaction is “What can we get now?”. Although lying on the floor last night stretching after a run afforded me the opportunity to see a guilty looking hamster scuttling about under the Sofa, considering how I plonk myself down after a long run hes lucky to still be here too!

  • Colin McNulty 20 March 2009, 5:19 am

    Pets as consumer goods, hmmm never really looked at them that way, thanks Pete! 😉 Death is part and parcel of owning a pet and perhaps one of the greatest gifts a pet has to give, in teaching loss.

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