Friday Fun – Crossfit Games Videos 2009

EDIT: QuickTime Embed Plugin disabled, due to pre-downloading the content which caused the site to slow down too much.

Here are some awesome videos of the Crossfit Games 2009 that went on last week. A finer collection of athletes I’m sure you will not find. It should also answer once and for all, the issue of whether Crossfit’s programming of heavy weights, makes women big muscle bound freaks? I think you’ll agree, the lady’s competing here are all nicely proportioned. And remember, they have all come through regional qualifiers to get here, so they are all very accomplished Crossfitters.

(I’m using a new plug-in that embeds QuickTime .Mov files… I think I need a wider blog theme! It’s also a pain, as it expects you to know the resolution of the video before hand, which doesn’t appear to be information that’s readily available, so the player size and video size don’t quite match, that’s my fault.)

Here’s another one:

For my personal training, this week has been a mixed bag. I worked up to three Snatches at 70kg on Tuesday at Aspire Fitness, which was exactly what I planned to do. But then Clean & Jerks on Wednesday all went Pete Tongue, and I failed at 95kg three times!

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