The Weekend in South Wales

Had a great weekend with my daughter, who came down to Newport. After some searching on the net for what to do all weekend, I finally settled on the following activities:

Saturday day we went to At Bristol with some friends, which is hands on Science Museum thing with mandatory Planetarium. They had the usual array of things to play with, but coolest of all was a Cloud Chamber with radiation source, giving off ace trails. Seeing other cosmic type rays shooting through the chamber was amazing.

Cloud Chamber

It’s quite expensive at about £10 per person, and they ask you for an additional 10% charity donation, but if you accept, you get it back and more in vouchers for the shop. Either way, it’s highly recommended and was a good use of 4 hours.

Saturday evening we went to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs in 3D at Newport Cinema. Very funny, though we *ahem* may have spent rather too much on ice cream and sweeties *ahem*! 😉 The film was very funny and the 3D is still just awesome:

Sunday we went down the Big Pit, which is an old coal mine turned into a Museum. Actually it was very interesting. There’s nothing quite like turning all the lights off in a mine and experiencing complete and utter darkness. It’s just not something you can comprehend when you’re on the surface, because there’s always some light somewhere.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Roman museum at Caerleon and also got a explore the Amphitheatre there, the only fully excavated Amphitheatre in Briton, built to hold a crowd of 6,000. There’s so much history there, you can feel it.

All in all, a good weekend. 🙂

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