Waking Up At 4 am

I hate waking up at 4am! It’s early enough to be too early to get up, but late enough to have provided enough sleep to not be tired enough to get back to sleep. I am quite sure most people think that statement is barking mad, but waking up this early is not uncommon for me, sadly.

I have bought the book “Lights Out” at the weekend, which hopefully will help get more sleep, when I get round to reading it.

I do think my hip is a contributory factor today though. I picked up a niggle at last week’s competition and going indoor rock climbing last night, whilst manageable, hasn’t helped the situation.

Speaking of which, I took a picture of the trophy I got for 3rd place in the comp, let’s see if I can manage to upload it direct from my iPhone (from which I’m writing this post, whilst tucked up in bed!).

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  • Matt Baldwin 1 December 2009, 11:06 am

    Very nice trophy Colin! I assume 1st place got a full on drinking cauldron?

    I accidentally set my alarm clock one hour ahead the other day and ended up awake at 4:00 am. But I did try to go back to bed. That’s friggin’ early!

  • Colin McNulty 1 December 2009, 4:57 pm

    Cheers Matt. I’m getting quite the collection now, that’s my 4th piece of plastic tat to hand down to my offspring. 😉

    4am is early, even for me. I do normally wake up around 6am. 7:30 is a lay in these days. 🙁

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