Another fat bashing article gets it wrong

Reading The Metro paper on the train this morning, an article headline blares:

“Butter is utterly bad for everyone, says [heart bypass] surgeon”

The argument is the usual tripe about reducing saturated fat, which leads to cholesterol and fatty deposits round the heart. Notice this guy isn’t even a dietician (not that that would make him any more credible).

It still amazes me that here we are in the 21st century, and the medical profession is still banging the fat is your enemy drum. Turn the page in the paper and you see a short comment from Jason Donovan, who’s trying to stay looking young at 40 saying exactly what we should all know by now:

“I have to be really careful – I cut out the carbs and it’s fruit all the way… I need to stay a 34in waist.”

There you have it, even a dumb actor (who does understand that fruit *is* carbs!) knows that what makes people fat is not eating fat, but eating carbohydrates. In the case of this article, what do you think people are spreading all that butter on?? Utter madness.

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