6 Week PDR Course Starts Monday

On Thursday, Karl announced that we are launching our first fully fledged PDR course. For an hour every Monday evening at 20:15 for 6 weeks, we’re going to be putting on a structured Personal Defence Readiness (PDR) course.

Starting from the basics of the Flinch Conversion, in just 6 weeks we’ll build on your body’s innate physiology to replicate withstanding a realistic attack scenario, utilising many of the capabilities you already posses, which we’ll show you how to access. It’s a fun and thoroughly enjoyable course, that’s personally challenging whilst being simultaneously light hearted and self enabling.

On day 1, we’ll be looking at Flinch. Take a look at these photos to see what we’ll be discussing:

Ask yourself: what are most of the people in these pictures doing? Are they all doing the same thing? If not, why not?

Come and get involved, overcome your fear, feel confident and SAFE.

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