There are now 60 CrossFit Gyms in the UK & Ireland

It’s been a couple of months since I last updated my map and list of CrossFit Affiliated Gyms in the UK and Ireland and surprise surprise, another 6 affiliates have sprung up! Congratulations and welcome to:

  • Crossfit Bold
  • CrossFit CM2
  • CrossFit Cork
  • CrossFit Fareham
  • CrossFit GU1
  • CrossFit Harrogate

What’s more, this now makes an impressive 60 CrossFit gyms across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Though to be fair, CrossFit Intensity is for the Police only, Capital CrossFit seems to have disappeared, and I’m not too sure about CrossFit Glasgow. Still, as long as they appear on the main CrossFit affiliates page, I’ll keep listing them.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes and if you have a website (or are one of the listed CrossFit affiliates) a link back from your site would be greatly appreciated.

CrossFit Affiliated Boxes England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
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