Book Review: Instinctive Fitness by Oliver Selway

Instinctive Fitness Book by Oliver Selway

It’s a weird thing when someone asks you if they can send you a free copy of their book. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as they say, and I anticipated getting hassled for a testimonial, good Amazon review, etc.

So when Oliver Selway asked if he could send me a complimentary copy of his book Instinctive Fitness, I said no!

Some months later he asked me again however. And as I like reading health / fitness / diet type books, when I get the time, and he hadn’t been pushy about it, I said yes this time. And so it was that a few days later a nice shiny copy of Instinctive Fitness arrived in the post, with a nice hand written letter from Oliver (nice touch, marketeers take note!).

Summing up this book is easy; If I were to write a book, it would be Instinctive Fitness. This book is not about fitness, Instinctive Fitness s about how to optimise your life by being healthy and happy, by getting your body to behave and react in a natural and instinctive way.

To be honest, I could have saved myself £hundreds if I’d just bought this book 6 years ago, as it pretty much summarises and replaces my entire shelf of books on health and fitness.

If you’ve never scratched the surface of mainstream medical and dietary advice and not yet realised that most of what you think is fact (like low fat, high carb diets are healthy, or calorie restriction is the only way to lose weight, or long sessions of cardo are great for burning fat) is really bollox, then this book will leave you dumbfounded.

Or if, like a growing minority, you’re waking up to the fact that sadly (and maybe unwittingly) you’ve been lied to by the media, food companies, dieticians, fitness trainers, and even Doctors, for the last few decades that a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie (it’s not by the way), then this book will reinforce and probably expand on what you already know to be true.

Do I agree with every last word? No, not quite, but 95% is pretty damn close to perfect in my book. Pun INtended. 🙂 (Here’s where Oliver picks up the phone to bend my ear!)

In summary, I like this book, a lot. If I were to give any book to a complete newbie, I’d give them Instinctive Fitness. And by newbie I mean someone who is just starting their journey of self education into the real causes of why they’re over weight and feel unfit. Come to think about it, there’s a few people I know that could benefit from getting this book this Christmas.

You can buy it today from Amazon here.

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