Googling for “How to commit murder” could get you convicted

In a current murder trial, circumstantial evidence is being heaped up against Melanie McGuire by computer forensic specialists who have trawled computers she’s used to determine that she searched Google and MSN for details of how to kill some one. Specifically she researched gun law and drugs and poisons.

McGuire allegedly murdered her husband with a gun and then dismembered his body, placing parts of his body in 3 suitcases found in the Chesapeake Bay back in 2004. Evidence from the computers has revealed that they were used to search for:

  • How To Commit Murder.”
  • “instant poisons
  • undetectable poisons
  • fatal digoxin doses
  • gun laws in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

So, when you’re planning to murder your spouse, be careful what you search for! 😉

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