Kelly – the World of Pain

Yesterday was the Crossfit routine known as Kelly down at the Manchester / Stockport Crossfit gym:5 rounds for time of:

  • 400m run (430m for us round the Mill)
  • 30 box jumps (20″ for me)
  • 30 wall balls (16 lb ball for me)

Running is my nemesis, so this was always going to be a sucky routine. It was never going to be about time for me, just to see if I could finish. Which I did in 43:57 which for Crossfit is a very long exercise routine!

I was very close to not finishing this. Crossfit, when it comes in forms of an exercise routine like Kelly, is extremely challenging and pushes you (well me anyway) far beyond what I normally think I’m capable of. This actually exposes one of the key benefits of going to a proper Crossfit gym rather than working from a Garage gym – the encouragement of your peers, and the butt kicking of the trainers to push you to your limits. Most people will quite reasonably stop exercising way before that point!

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