Back Squat-tastic – Crossfit is the roxors.

In separate news, down at the Crossfit gym today, I got a new personal best in back squats. Well actually, you could argue I got 4 PB’s.

My previous crossfit back squat personal best was 110kg’s. Today I did 7 single reps at these weights:

  • 90kg
  • 100kg
  • 110kg
  • 115kg – PB
  • 120kg – PB
  • 125kg – PB
  • 130kg – PB

Very pleased with these back squats. PB’s make you feel alive.

For reference, 130kg is 286lbs, or 20 stone 6. That’s the equivalent of my brother sat on my shoulders, with my daughter on one of his shoulders, and his step daughter on his other !!! Blimey. This after just 2 months of Crossfit, I tell you, it’ll change your life.

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