Old fashioned food on The Zone Diet

The kid has been asking for mashed potatoes for a while, which are pretty hard to do on the Zone Diet. Well I say hard, the zone carb block system means that boiled potatoes are 3 blocks per cup (250ml) which is not a lot. Anyway, tonights Zone recipe was Lamb Burgers, Mash Potato, Broccoli and Gravy ! Doesn’t sound very zone to me, here’s how I did it, I make 10 block meals (10 zone blocks of protein, 10 blocks of carbs, 10 blocks of fat).

12 oz Lamb Burgers (cooked weight was 10.5oz) = 7 zone blocks of protein – 7P
3 oz Cheddar Cheese = 3P

1 cup boiled potatoes = 3 zone blocks of carbs – 3C
3 3/4 cups of broccoli = 3C
45 grams of Bisto Beef gravy granules = 4C

1 2/3 teaspoon of butter = 5 zone blocks of fat – 5F
1 2/3 teaspoon of mayonnaise = 5F

So that’s my 10 zone blocks of protein, and 10 carbs and 10 fat.

Steam the potatoes and broccoli.
Grill the burgers.
Mash the potatoes when ready adding in the butter, mayo and grated cheese, along with a dollop of whole grain mustard.
Just add water to the gravy, along with some crushed garlic and an oxo cube.

That’s it, a very easy traditional meal on the zone diet.

I served myself half (a 5 block meal, my zone diet plan is 5-5-1-5-1), the wife a 2 block portion (her zone diet plan is 2-2-2-2-2) and the kid got a 3 blocker. All had large portion sizes, thanks to the broccoli.

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