How to eat Mash on the Zone Diet

Mash potato, hmmm. I do miss it on the Zone Diet, but have discovered a surprising alternative: Cauliflower! Now I never did just eat simple mash potato, I’ve done it for years like this:

  • Boil the potatoes
  • When done tip into the pot some butter
  • Add some Mayonnaise
  • Add some grated cheese
  • Add a spoonful of wholegrain mustard
  • Add plenty of black pepper
  • Mash.

Milk could be added to adjust consistency of the Mash, but with the Mayo, I rarely found this necessary. You don’t want your mash too mushy! 😉

Anyway, following a Zone Diet plan, potato is an unfavourable carb and you can’t have much of it. So try the exact same Mash recipe abov, but sub potatoes for cauliflower. With the other ingredients, it actually doesn’t taste much different and comes out pretty much the same consistency. So not quite Mash Potatoe on a Zone Diet plan, but Mash nevertheless.

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