Is FreeIQ going to be the next YouTube?

Brad Fallon is a serial entrepreneur who is launching a new site call FreeIQ. The basic premise is that you can uploaded informational videos, eBooks, audio etc of how to do stuff. Other users will rate the videos so you will get peer reviewed content, sorted by category.

Of course being Brad, there’s going to be a money option here too, so there will be premium content that you can buy, but this too will be peer reviewed. In fact, the review system is called “ReviewRank”, hmmm I wonder where that idea came from? Probably the same place the starting page layout design did too. 😉 Still, if you want to be successful in life, emulating one of the worlds most successful company’s doesn’t seem like a bad approach to take does it.

I’ll be watching FreeIQ to see if it gains the critical mass it will need for success.

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