Falling off the Zone Wagon

Hmmm 2 chocky bars and a bottle of wine last night.  Not exactly Zone friendly, but nice for a treat all the same.

Here’s a question then: when over eating on carbs, what’s the best approach from a Zone perspective?  Is it to just ignore it and get back on the zone diet at your next meal?  Or is it advisable to actually eay more, specifically protein to balance the carbs?  Is it ok for example to have a bar of chocolate, if you also have 2 blocks of cheese, say?  Or is it ok to have a bottle of wine, if you also have 6 blocks of fish?

It’s an odd concept, that eating more could be healthier for you, and to be honest I’m not sure of the answer…..

In other news, had a rest day at Crossfit yesterday, shoulders are feeling it these last 2 weeks.  Tuesday was 5 lots of 5 reps of Thrusters for max weight.  Thrusters are when you put a weighted olympic bar on the front of your shoulders, do a squat, only you stand up as fast as you can, driving the bar off your shoulders and you then push the bar over head till your arms lock, then return it to the front of your shoulders.  Thrusters are a particularly hard thing to do technically as it requires changing grip whilst the bar is in mid flight, and I find that my limiting factor is the grip and my wrists.  Anyway, I managed to get up to 55kg for 5 reps, which I was quite pleased about.

Also, I’ve turned the Notify plug-in back on (see all the funny icons below), the idea is that if you like this post, and you subscribe to one of the social bookmarking sites they relate to, you can simply click there and it will make your life easier.  Enjoy!

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