Monthly Crossfit and Zone Diet Fat Loss Update

I’ve decided to post every month how things are going. See my previous posts on Fat Loss Calculations:

Initial Fat Loss Calculation post – Update Post – The I got it wrong post.

The short version is that in January I weighed 206 pounds (14 stone 10) and had a belly (not waist) of 43″ at the belly button, giving a body fat calculation of 30%. In Febuary I started Crossfit, and in March I started on the Zone Diet.

Now 3 months later (1st May) my weight is 200 pounds (14 stone 4) and my belly has shrunk 3 inches to 40″ exactly. This gives me a body fat calculation of 25% percent. Bare in mind, I’m not in this to lose weight, but to change shape and get fit. So I’m more interested in fat loss than weight loss.

A little maths then: a 5% reduction in body fat, at 5% of 200 pounds, make 10 pounds. But I’ve only lost 6 pounds, meaning I’ve put on 4 pounds of muscle too. 😀 When I first looked at this, a thought occurred: “5% reduction in body fat” doesn’t sound like much does it?? However, look at it another way: 5 out of 30 is a sixth, or 17%. So it’s more accurate to say I’ve lost 5% of my weight in fat, or 17% of my body fat. That sounds much better. 😉

I’ve already gone down a jeans size and a notch on my belt, but this weekend I had to go down a second notch on my belt (to a notch not used in 10 years!) in order to stop my trousers falling down!

I don’t think this is bad for 3 months effort. Actually, it’s not been a lot of effort really (well the Zone Diet isn’t, Crossfit certainly is!), I still drink too much wine, and still eat chocolate and ice cream. In fact, I’ve discovered that a Finger of Fudge is just 2 blocks of Carbs, which makes an excellent desert. 😀

Here’s to another 3 months, and losing another 5% of my body weight in fat.

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  • Sharon 1 May 2007, 9:20 pm

    Wow, that is absolutely fantastic.

    Even with just 3 months of work, losing 5% is such a great accomplishment! Congrats! Your body could still be in a “jumpstart mode” and most likely you will start losing more “fat” percentage within the next 3 months.

  • Colin McNulty 2 May 2007, 9:43 am

    Thanks Sharon, but what’s “Jumpstart mode” ??

  • BamaGal 12 May 2007, 2:36 am

    This is fantastic—the gaining of muscle is wonderful—I need to start doing some weights work myself—keep up the good work

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