It’s been a hectic few days. I went down to London for a grand get together with my old Uni mates. One of them flew in from Oz, he emigrated 5 years ago and hasn’t been back since, so was good to meet up.

I can tell you this, getting old university friends back together is a bad bad idea. First night: Friday, we didn’t get home till 5am Saturday morning! Being the early riser I am, I still woke up at 9am, unfortunately I was still drunk and the hangover hadn’t even begun to start. It didn’t help that the flat I was in (a £1/2M pad in Islington, a salubrious area of North London) is owned by a mate who’s the ultimate bachelor: I was sleeping on the couch, in the living room, with a towel for one curtain, and a table cloth for the other!

Saturday afternoon was spent playing poker with the lads: Texas hold em is the game of choice. I lost, after betting high on a Full House, the first of the day. Only to be beat by a BETTER Full House! 2 at once, now that’s unlucky. I never really recovered. Saturday night was a repeat of Friday, and for the 2nd time in a week, my mate found himself locked out of his flat. The first time, the pub cloak room had given his back (with house keys in!) to the wrong patron; this time, he simply picked up the wrong keys when he walked out of the flat. Muppet! Fortunately we were rescued by my Oz mates wife, who was coming back late from a Wedding, and she had a set of keys (they were staying there too).

Sunday was back to Manchester, only explain this to me: Friday Train from Manchester to London takes 2 hours 10 minutes. Sunday train from London to Manchester, takes 4 hours! I’ve heard of Sunday drivers, but on the rail?!? Needless to say, I was bored, even after stocking up on reading material.

Monday Crossfit beat me up again. Doing seven 1 rep deadlifts for max weight, I got a Personal Best deadlift of 157.5kg (up from 150kg) which was great, but the following exercise has crucified my back:

21 deadlifts, 60 situps, 15 deadlifts, 40 situps, 9 deadlifts, 20 situps.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I was doing 100kg deadlifts, and that sucks a fat mans 4rse, as Coach Karl would say. I managed a time over 15 minutes, the next slowest was 11 minutes, most less than 10. 🙁 Not pleased with that, although to be fair, the next highest weight was 80kg, and that was only 1 person, most were on or less than 70kg. Either way, I’m now laid up for the week I think. I can barely pick something up off the floor, let alone exercise. Have had a long chat with Coach Mark today, hopefully this won’t happen again.

I enjoy Crossfit, more I believe in it. I believe in the Crossfit methodology and it’s functional holistic approach to exercise and fitness. I need to find my way, and my weights, so that I can continue to train, hard and to a high intensity, without hurting myself in the process.

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