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That’s pretty much been my week this week with not a lot of time for much else. Work’s really busy at the moment, been to Crossfit 3 times this week, and more Zoning of course.

I’m working on some book reviews. I have 3 Zone Diet books now, and have read 2 of them and part way through the third. When I’m done I’m going to stick up reviews of them all here, along with recomendations. Just post a comment if you’re interested, and it’ll gee me along to actually do it.

Work is hectic as I’m balancing peaks of work for existing clients with getting new business plus trying to find the time to work on my own projects. It’s very frustrating when clients verbally say they are interested, then it just never seems to come off, month after month! Still, that’s part of the job.

Crossfit it still going well. I actually trained with a Gold Medal Olympic rower yesterday! If you’re interested in what CrossFit is, here’s a couple of videos, just as a reminder, Crossfit is about on short sharp intensive exercise, so the routines are bursty and rarely last more than 30 minutes.

The first is 1 round of a 30 round routine called “Chelsea”. Each round is 3 pull ups – 6 press ups – 9 squats. Do 30 rounds as fast as you can, and record your time.

Chelsea on YouTube

The second video is of a workout called “Fran”. What you see is the ENTIRE workout for the day, and it’s all over in a couple of minutes. The routine is 21 – 15 – 9 of Thruster and pullups. (The video shows what thrusters are better then I can explain them, they look a LOT easier than they are.) These guys are extreme, the one on the left with longer hair is Mark, one of the coaches at Crossfit Manchester, the one on the right is a cage fighter called Kam:

Fran on YouTube

EDIT: Hmmm how do you get YouTube to embed on WordPress. I copied the “Embed” code into the Code section of the post, but it didn’t show up?

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