Back to Crossfit after a week off

I took most of last week off CrossFit as I’d hurt my back doing too many deadlifts on Monday. Nothing serious it turned out, just extremely sore for several days. Anyway, I’d figured that a week off exercise, but being on the Zone Diet, should set me up good and proper to come back nice and rested and firing on all cyclindars.

Bah, nothing could have been further from the truth. This morning I woke up full of aches and pains: wrists, elbow, shoulders and knees, all ached for no reason I could fathom. However I decided to go to CrossFit anyway. The good news is that my aches and pains didn’t bother me at all, as odd as it sounds, exercising seem to loosen things up nicely. Todays routine (order might not be quite right):

  • 430m Run
  • 25 Press ups
  • 25 Ball Slams
  • 25 Kettle bell Swings (20kg)
  • 25 Pull ups
  • 25 Medicine Ball Clean with Wall Ball. (Hard to explain really, involves a double squat and throwing a medicine ball at a wall)
  • 25 step Lunge walk
  • 25 Box Jumps (on a large 24 inch box)
  • Tabbata Row for 25 Calories (Tabbata is 20 secs on, 10 secs rest)

200 reps in total, plus the run. I managed a relatively slow 22 minutes something, and by the time I got half way through, the yoghurt and coffee I had the hour previously was threatening to come back for a second sitting! Knackering.

However tomorrow is something I’m looking forward to: Crossfit Total, which is three single reps each of Deadlift, Shoulder Press, and Backsquat, for mx weight. You add up your best lift in each of the 3 exercises to give a CrossFit Total, which is a good measure of strength. We do this every 6 weeks ish to see how we’re progressing strength wise, only I missed it last time. 🙁 My CrossFit Total 3 months ago on the 6th March was:

Back Squat – 110kg (Personal Best)
Shoulder Press – 45kg (PB)
Deadlift – 110kg (PB)

However with my current individual Personal Bests they give me a theoretical CrossFit total of:

Back Squat – 130kg = 286lbs
Shoulder Press – 47.5kg = 104.5lbs
Deadlift – 157.5kg = 346.5lbs
Theoretical Crossfit Total = 335kg = 737lbs

The question is, will I perform to my best in each of the 3 exercises to achieve that Total. For reference, I know I will beat at least one of the instructors’ Crossfit Total with that score, if I achieve it. That would be sweet! 😉 We’ll see tomorrow if I manage it.

I’m still getting to grips with embedding video, will see if I can get this QuickTime movie of a Crossfit Total session to show up here:

EDIT: Hmmm it’s a bit big, and that was a fiddle pile of nonsense! There’s got to be a plugin that makes that job a whole lot easier. :S

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