Busy, Busy, Busy

Been too busy to post much this week. Started work at 8am yesterday, and didn’t finish till 10pm! Though I did have a 2 hour lunch break to go to Crossfit of course! 😉

So, my Crossfit total: a new Personal Best of 330kg (726 lbs)

Back Squat – 135 PB by 5kg
Shoulder Press – 45 (PB is 47.5kg)
Dead Lift – 150 (PB is 157.5kg)
TOTAL = 330PB up from 265 three months ago.

I was very happy with the total, but not so with the individual numbers. I was disappointed not to equal my PB on the shoulder press, and though I can’t explain why, my form on the back squats was terrible (kept rounding my back) and the coaches Karl were not happy.

This could be again my legs writing cheques my back can’t cash. I can lift 150kg with my legs, but the back it appears, isn’t equally strong enough to cope and keep straight while I do it. Still, it’s a good result, and surprisingly, on the day, the highest total in the gym! 🙂

I haven’t mentioned the athletic skills levels for a while, but I’ve been using the Athletics Skill Levels as a benchmark to aim for. My target was Level 1 in 4 months, from a standing start. And Level 2 in a further 8 months, so 12 months in total. Since I started exercising properly on 1st Feb, these targets then were 1st June, and 1st Feb 2008 respectively.

6 weeks ago, I’ve achieved everything on Level except the 1 mile run in 9 minutes. NEVER in my life have I been able to run a mile continuously, not even as an athletic teenager. I don’t know why, but my calves just hurt soooo much, I have to stop. Anyway, the 1st June is fast approaching, and I’m still a long way off doing it. I can run 1/2 mile at the correct pace, but end up stopping. This is my major target for the next 2 weeks. Each day I go to the gym now, I do a 1/2 mile jog to start the warm up, which is an achievement in itself, cos I couldn’t even do that 2 months ago! Hopefully it will start to come good before the 1st June.

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