I ran a mile today!

For the first time in my life, ever, I managed to run continuously for a mile today! Even as an athletic teenager, I could never run a mile without walking.  Actually, it was a little over a mile, 4 times round the block (which is 430m) makes 1,720m.  I did this in 10 minutes 10 seconds.  Hardly a fast time, and gives me a time for the mile (1,609m) of 9 minutes 32 seconds.

If you recall, my target for the last Athletic Skill Level 1 exercise, was run 1 mile in 9 minutes.  I’m 5% too slow!  But that’s ok, I’ve got past that psychological barrier and I now know I can do it.  Oddly, it was the 3rd lap that was the hardest to keep going, I soooo wanted just to walk, the last lap was easier as I know that I only had that next little bit to go.

However, now is the big count down.  I started Crossfit on the 1st Feb 2007, and gave myself a 4 month target to get to Level 1 standard.  Now I have to shave 32 seconds off my time by a week on Friday to meet the deadling of 4 months exactly!  The plan is to have another crack at it on Wednesday 30th May, leaving a days rest till the 1st June if I don’t make it.

One of the Crossfit slogans is: “Stronger, Fitter, Faster.”  I know I’m stronger, and today has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m the fitest I’ve ever been in my life, now I just need to work on the Faster.  😉

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