It’s not every day your insurance company calls you to apologise!

I got a call today from my car insurance company: eSure. It seems they regularly search the web for references to “eSure” and they picked up my eSure car insurance post yesterday. So the conversation goes something like this (paraphrased):

eSure: Hi, I’m calling from eSure customer services, we’ve seen your post on the internet about us.
Me: !!!!!! Errr, ok. What’s up?
eSure: Well I thought you’d like to know that I’ve listened to the recording of your telephone conversation with our customer service agent (CSA), and I’d just like to apologies to you about what happened.
Me: *thud* <= the sound of me falling off my chair.
eSure: It seems our CSA was inexperienced and I’d like you to know that as a company we are very aware of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). However we don’t offer a discount as we already target the safe driver side of the market, which is why our quote was cheaper.
Me: *laughing now*
eSure: You might like to know that as a result of your post, we’ve sent round a company wide communication reminding our staff about the IAM. Is there anything else we can do for you?
Me: Yeah, about that discount…?
eSure: Sorry, we can’t do that.

Tee hee, it was a very unexpected and entertaining conversation. First off, well done to eSure for excellent use of technology (by the way, my company offers this service too, for £95 a month I’ll send you weekly emails with links to websites that have referenced up to 5 words of phrases of your choice, I suggest you chose your company name, products names, brand names etc., however if you mention you came from my blog, I’ll double that to 10 per month, see here for details: Internet Keyword Tracking Service ).

Secondly, well done to eSure for excellent proactive customer service, I really am quite impressed. Of course they didn’t actually give me a discount, but meh, they were the cheapest anyway!

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