Monthly Fat Loss Update on the Zone Diet Plan

It’s the 1st of July and time to weigh and measure again. As I expected, this month I have not maintained the weight loss and fat loss momentum of previous months. I’ve lost just 2 lbs and if I’m a little generous, 1/2 an inch off my waist, making it 38 inches at the belly button. This gives me a new body fat percentage calculation of 20%, just down from 21% last month.

So, why when I lost 4% last month, have I only lost 1% this month? The answer is simple complacency induced cheating. For most of June I’ve Zoned faithfully during the day, and cheated every evening. On average I’ve probably had 3-4 chocolate bars per week, and most evenings more wine than I care to mention, more than any diet could reasonably cope with.

I suppose it’s actually a testament to the zone diet that I managed to lose anything at all considering my abuse of the program! Still, that was the choice I made, and I’m hoping that in July, I will make different choices…. we’ll see.

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