Monthly Zone Diet and Fat Loss Update

Last month, I decided to do monthly zone diet plan updates. Mainly this was for my own sanity so I wasn’t always on the scales and measuring my waist every day. Not that I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder type personality, oh no! 😉

However I’ve been looking forward to today, as this month has been pretty exciting on the weight loss front, I’ll explain why in a bit. Here are last month’s stats for reference:

– Weight = 14 stone 4 = 200 lbs = 91kg.
– Waist = 40.0 inches / 102cm.
– Body Fat Calculation = 25%

Here are my new stats for 1st June:

– Weight = 14 stone 0 = 196 lbs = 89kg.
– Waist = 38.5 inches / 98cm.
– Body Fat Calculation = 21% !!!

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m pretty pleased with this result, especially as I’m now over half way to my target of 15% body fat. However that’s not the best of it: This week, I started wearing 34 inch waisted jeans that I consigned to the “too small pile” 7 years ago! Yes, I really have carted a pile of too small jeans around for over 7 years, in the hope that one day I would be able to wear them again. I thought it was becoming a vain hope, but with the Zone Diet, and the exercise from Crossfit, I’m really pleased to be in them again. Now the big question is: should I throw my 38″ and 36″ jeans away?!?

As last month, if you do the comparison between body fat loss and actual weight loss, it shows that I lost 8 lbs of fat (4% of 200 lbs), but only 4 lbs of weight, when means that I’ve gained 1lb of muscle each week of May. That’s thanks to CrossFit.

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