Calculate Your Life Expectancy

I’ve just taken alife expectancy test which gives my expected life expectancy as:

Your calculated life expectancy is 85years.

Which is not bad, but not great. The feedback was interesting, particularly the bit about alcohol, which to be honest was a bit fo a shocker! I know I drink a bit too much generally, however I don’t get wasted every night or anything, but 15 years, wow!

  + 2.0 You have noted that you lead a fairly stressful life. Identifying and lessening the sources of your stress, if you can, could add one-two years to your life depending upon just how much of a change you are able to make.
  + 0.5 Minimizing or cutting out your caffeinated coffee consumption completely could provide you with about half a year more in life expectacy
  + 15.0 Some alcohol might be healthy, but not at your rate of consumption. Alcohol in the amount you are drinking is a poison to your liver, your brain and your nervous system in general. Cutting back now will have an immediate benefit. Cut back your drinking to 1-2 glasses (4 oz wine per glass, 2 oz spirits per glass, 8 oz beer) or less will add 15 years to your life expectancy
  + 2.0 If it is ok with your doctor, taking an 81 mg aspirin every day improves your hear and brain health and could help you delay or escape a heart attack or stroke. Taking an aspirin each day, perferably in the evening, could add 2 years to your life expectancy.
  + 1.0 There is a clear link between the inflammation of gum disease and heart disease. Do a good job of flossing daily and you could add a year to your life expectancy.
  + 1.0 The more you can get fast foods out of your diet the better. While you are already doing a pretty good job of doing so, completely removing fast oods from your diet could add a year to your life expectancy
  + 1.0 Red meat is the primary source of potentially life-shortening iron. Cutting back your read meat consumption to 1-2 days per week or less could add 1 year to your life expectancy
  + 2.0 Increasing your exercise regimen to 5 days a week could add 1 year, to 6 or 7 days a week could add 2 years to your life expectancy
  + 1.0 Examining yourself for cancer could add a year to your life expectancy
  + 0.5 Being in touch with your health care provider annually is very important to your strategy to screen for and prevent illness. Getting the appropriate blood tests on a regular basis could add a half a year
  + 1.0 Decreasing your systolic blood pressure (the first of the two numbers) to 120 or even lower could add 1 year to your life expectancy
  + 0.5 Getting your blood sugar checked could add half a year to your life expectancy

It’s going to be hard to get red meat to 1-2 days a week on the Zone Diet. And I’d struggle to do Crossfit more than 5 days a week max.

So basically, it’s the booze, which to be fair I knew already. In the last 6 months I’ve sorted out my eating (The Zone Diet Plan) and exercise (Crossfit) and next on the list is to knock the booze on the head, well…. maybe not completely! 😉 The plan is actually to drop down to only having a drink on the weekend, one day.


I’ve just gone back and re-taken the test, this time putting what my answers would have been 6 months ago before started Crossfit and before starting the Zone Diet. There’s the result:

Your calculated life expectancy is 75years.


That’s astonishing!

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