Crossfit Total

Woohoo, I love Crossfit Total days! Simply put, Crossfit Total (of CFT for short) is:

  • 3 single reps of Back squats
  • 3 single reps of Shoulder Presses (or Military Press if you prefer)
  • 3 single reps of Dead Lifts.

Then you sum the best lifts from each exercise (one from each), to give you a Crossfit Total, which is a nice strength number with which you can compare to previous Crossfit Totals to see how you’re getting stronger. It also lends to my strengths, which are my strong legs basically. Last time, my Crossfit Total was a very respectable 330kg (726 lbs).

So, without further ado, here’s how I did (F = Fail, PB = Personal Best):

Back Squat: 130 – 140 – 145(PB)
Shoulder Press: 50 – 55(F) – 52.5(PB)
Dead Lift: 140 – 160(PB) – … <= I didn’t do the 3rd lift as my form was poor on the 160 (back was too rounded), so I stopped there.

Crossfit Total = 357.5kg (or 786.5 lbs)  Which I am exceedingly pleased with! 😀

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