Body Fat Loss Update – Now 18%

The inexorable fat loss continues, with this months 37″ waist making the body fat percentage calculation now 18%, compared to last months 19% body fat. Note that weight is about the same at 13st 10.

It is interesting actually because it seems hard not to loss fat on the Zone Diet. This month for example, I can probably put down these items as things normally not conducive to losing weight or fat, but that I have consumed anyway and still lost fat:

  • 3 litres of ice cream
  • 1kg of old fashioned sweets from
  • about 10 bottles of wine
  • 8 bars of chocolate

Careless I suppose, and I reckon if I was being more strict with my diet I’d already be at my target 15% body fat. Be hey, if I can still eat and drink what I like and still lose weight, why not?

I’m a complete Zone Diet convert, it’s true. In fact, I’m almost concerned about what happens after I reach 15%, because how do I stop losing fat when I get there? It’s a bizarre thought to think I might get too thin!

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