Monthly Zone Update – Disaster Strikes!

It was bound to happen eventually, and it did in September: I stopped losing weight!

For the last few months on the zone diet, my fat loss / weight loss has diminished to 1% body fat per month.  In September it stopped completely and I am still 18% body fat percentage and 13st 10 (192 lbs / 87kg) with a waist of 37″ (at the widest point).  This is completely my own fault as I’ve cheated horendously again.

The irony is it’s the fact that the Zone Diet is soooo effective, that has caused my weightloss to stall.  Because if it wasn’t so easy to stay on, and so easy to lose weight on, I wouldn’t have been complacent enough to cheat so much!  However, I’m determined to get back on track, and like all well intentioned dieters, it starts tomorrow…. well the day after actually, but that’s another story.

Starting 3rd Oct I’m back to the more strict regime of counting blocks properly.  That means weighing and measuring all ingredients and noting their zone diet block numbers, and making sure I’m balanced.  I know that breakfast and lunch are normally ok, although I have had a lot of pre-bought smoothies for breakfast, and the Glycemic Index of these is not what it could be, so they will have to be scaled back.

No, it’s the evenings that are my downfall, still too much wine, chocolate and ice cream to regularly of an evening.  That’s what’s got to stop.  However, I am still on track for my ultimate goal: to reach 15% body fat by Feb 2008, so 4 months and 3% to lose.  And now I’ve been convinced to try the Fish Oil Supplements, things should move along even faster.

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  • WarriorBlog 7 October 2007, 7:58 pm

    Lucky for me – I don’t have like eating too much sweets 😛 Have you heard of the 5 Tiberian Rite? I use it and it work excellently if you want strength and endurance.

  • Colin McNulty 8 October 2007, 9:29 am

    Nope, what’s that?

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