I Hate It When I Can’t At Least Repeat A Crossfit Workout

Wednesday at Crossfit was the Olympic Weightlifting Snatch – which is basically picking the bar off the ground and flinging it over your head in one movement, like this monster 202.5 kg Snatch!

I actually changed my schedule to make it in for this workout as I’ve been eager to beat my personal best 65kg snatch which has stood for 3 months now.  It was all going very well and I felt confident and strong and honestly expected to get at least 70kg, right up until I failed my first 65kg attempt.  Then it just fell apart, too much thinking and my head got in the way.

3 attempts at 65kg and I couldn’t do it,  gah!  It’s the most annoying thing not to be able to do at least what I’ve done before, especially when I know I’m stronger now and have better form.  Ho hum.

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