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Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!

In this excellent video, Marcus Brigstocke does one of the most hilarious assassinations on religion I’ve ever seen. It’s a highly satirical look at all the main religions of the world and their impact on you and me. Very funny, I was laughing out loud in the first minute:

This video is just disturbing. New Wheels on the Block appear to be a pop band made up of wheel chair bound cripples! The great thing about it is they obviously realise the unique comedic value they have to offer, and do a fine job of exploiting it to their advantage fully.

It’s sounds terrible but as I watched this, apart from the humour of their lyrics and videos, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of respect. It’s one thing to have a disability and wallow in your own pit of self pity, but it takes courage to stand up in front of the camera and poke fun at yourself in front of the world. Hat’s off to New Wheels on the Block!

Ignore the first song, the English ones start at 0:55 and are hilarious.

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