Snatches are my new Project

Crossfit Snatches continue to be a problem for me. Ever since I dropped a 67.5 kg Snatch on my head some 4 months back now, once I get to 60kg it gets scary and my head vetos my bodies attempt to throw 60kg in the air and jump underneath it before gravity brings it crashing down!

Working up to a max 1 rep Snatch on Tuesday down the Crossfit gym, after warm up I started at 50kg (110lb) and got 3 in quick succession no problem. Upping to 55kg (121 lb) I did another 2 easily and was feeling confident for a possible Personal Best. However at 60kg it started to go wrong. I failed twice and that was that, I couldn’t even get myself under the bar anymore… Once I fail a lift, it seems I go to pot and can’t go higher. My PB snatch remains 65kg.

So my new plan is this, I’m going to use the same approach to snatches as back squats – do lots of them at the same weight and build up my confidence again. This time I did 10 single lifts at 50kg, next time I’ll increment the weight and do the same, though I haven’t decided on 52.5 or 55kg for the next set. Will see how it goes.

We also did a quick blast workout on Tuesday:

3 rounds of: 15 Over Head Squats + 430m run (so 3 runs in total).  This is actually the same Crossfit Snatch based workout we did 4 months ago back in July.  Then I used a 34kg (75lb) bar for the Over Head Squats and I did the workout in 15:42.  Running was my nemesis then and I had to work some of the runs.

This time round I used a 40kg (88lb) bar and managed all 3 runs unbroken.  In fact I did all 3 sets of 15 OHS unbroken too.  So not surprisingly, depsite the extra weight, I smashed my previous time by 3 minutes 43 seconds, doing it in 11:59.  Very pleased with that, a 25% improvement in 4 months!

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