Pre-Christmas Body Fat Update

I figure that things are inevitably not going to go well for the diet over Christmas, which is fine. The Zone Diet has proved its efficacy and a week off to enjoy myself over the holiday seems like a just reward for a years hard work and effort. So my pre-Christmas measurements are:

Weight = 13 st 1 = 183 lbs – same as last months weight

Waist = 36 inches – 1/2 down of last month.

Here’s where things get at a bit odd as compared with last months percentage fat loss calculation although I’ve lost no weight this month, and only 1/2 an inch off my waist, according to the body fat charts in the Zone books, I’m now 16% body fat, down 2% on last month!

It’s odder than that though, as my waist is on the border of being 35.5″ which would give me a body fat percentage of 15%, which is my target. Conversely if I lose just 1 more pound to 182, I move into a different row on the chart and go up to 17% body fat!

It’s all rather confusing really.

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