Christmas Waistline Aftermath

This morning I was 13st 7 (189 lbs) up from 183 when I checked my body fat before Christmas. I’ve really noticed it in my waist mostly, and the tape measure shows that I’ve gained an extra inch there back up to 37″!

This puts my body fat percentage back up to 18%. Bugger!

The Zone Diet shall have to come to my rescue once more. What does help is that the wife and I have decided to go tea total for a couple of months, at least till her birthday, and see how we feel after that. I can’t say that isn’t going to be hard, cos it is but it needs to be done and will be interesting to see the effects it has on us.

What doesn’t help is that I’m feeling pretty beat up at the moment and can’t workout as normal. I hurt my elbow back when I went on my brothers stag do and it’s never properly healed. In fact it’s been getting worse and now it hurts not only when I’m lifting weights, but doing mundane stuff round the house: like lifting a drink, or pickup up a book, or brushing my teeth.

As a result I’ve been doing other stuff at Crossfit, but Monday’s leg and sit up intensive workout beat me up big style and I have a sore knee and sore stomach muscles as a result, and that was 3 days ago.

I’ve been wanting to see about going down to the new Awsome Walls climbing wall that’s upped up down the road from me, which is apparently one of the highest climbing walls in England. But I can’t in my current injured state. I’m also planning to take up Krav Maga this year too, but that is similarly going to have to wait.

Welcome to 2008, ho hum!

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