Is This TV Doctor a Killer?

This is a picture of Dr Chris Steele, the TV Doctor from the program This Morning on ITV.

Dr Steele has been in the news this week, as unfortunatley the poor man has advanced heart disease, it’s so bad in fact, he’s in the 98th percentile for risk of sudden death through heart attack, and as such is in the extreme high risk group. He volunteered to take part in a feature for the show and so had a 3D image of his heart taken. Only the results showed that his main artery into his heart is 50% blocked with fatty cholesterol deposits. The revelation of his arteriosclerosis has come as a complete shock to him.

But hold on, this Doctor has been advising the public for 20 years on all sorts of health issues, including giving the nation dietary advice. How is it, that a self confessed dietary expert and TV personality can accidentally find themselves in the extreme high risk group for heart attack?

What’s more concerning, is that Doctor Chris Steele has advised thousands of over weight people on their own diets and weightloss issues. In fact his own website boasts that 150,000 people have downloaded his dietary advice. The same diet that has led to his possible imminent and sudden death!

So what is this clearly dangerous and deadly diet the good Doctor has been peddling for his own financial gain for the last 20 years? You guessed it, it’s our old friend the low fat, high carb diet. Whilst I am saddened that Chris Steele is suffering from heart disease, he unfortunatley only has himself to blame. I think it’s fairly obvious these days to anyone who cares to actually look that a…

Low Fat, High Carb Diet = Early Death

If you look at the dietary weighhtloss advice on Dr Steeles “Family GP” website it’s the classic case of: eat as much fruit and veg as you like, cut back on fat where ever possible, protein is almost an accidental after thought. I hope that Dr Steele now wakes up and realises that this low fat, high carb diet is what has lead to his heart disease. If you’re reading this and are a little confused as to why I’m saying this, here’s the elevator pitch:

  • Insulin converts sugar in your blood into fat, that’s it’s job and it does this to keep your blood sugar level down to safe levels for the brain and to store excess energy for later use (that’s what fat is).
  • Carbohydrates (and yes that does include almost all fruit and veg) are sources of sugar.
  • Eating a high carb meal spikes your blood sugar so insulin converts it to fat.
  • Doing this every meal, every day, causes fat to be deposited throughout the day which is how you get fat furred arteries.
  • 2 hours after your high carb induced sugar rush, you’ll be hungry again.
  • And as a kicker, eventually your over worked insulin producing Pancreas will give up and here comes diabetes.

Of course all this is explained far better in Dr Sears Zone Diet, I suggest you read one (or all) of his books if you want to understand it better. Or post a comment, I’ll answer all questions.

So how is it, that the main stream dietary advice is to eat a diet that will lead to your early death, through a combination of heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc? And how is it, that this bad dietary advice has been perpetuated by Dr Chris Steele for the last 20 years? How many of the 150,000 people who have downloaded “Dr Steele’s Fat Farewell Diet Plan” will also suffer the same early death as it looks like Dr Steele will? How many of those 150,000 people has Dr Steele killed though his bad advice?

I’m being a bit harsh here aren’t I? I mean, it’s not Dr Steele’s fault is it? He’s dutifully trotting out the “fat bad, carb good” official medical line. He’s just following orders as it were isn’t he? He can’t be blamed for giving 150,000 people bad advice, can he?

Well I think he can, and so can anyone else who blindly trots out the low fat, high carb dietary advice. You see these people are either:

  1. Too lazy to bother checking their facts.
  2. Too stupid to be able to sift the wheat from the chaff of dietary data.
  3. Too interested in lining their own pockets to care.
  4. All of the above!

I’ve rambled on enough, but I intend on future posts going through some of the simple research and demonstrating exactly why a low fat, high carb diet is stacking the odds against you right from the start. In the mean time, I do sincerely hope Dr Steel makes a miraculous recovery.

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  • mary family 22 October 2010, 5:43 pm

    Dear Doctor Steele,

    I have cough every morning and stuff comes out of my mouth and cant sleep at night time

    please email me as soon as possible

  • Colin McNulty 22 October 2010, 5:55 pm

    Go and see your local Doctor / GP immediately.

  • nicola Ogilvie 30 April 2012, 3:24 am

    Can you help me please. I Have a muscle wasting disease CMT type II. I need help really badly. All my family has this disease, I am being told by my neurologist that i will not get any worse,which is a load of rubbish, because all the rest of my family suffer and I NEED HELP. Life is really bad for me,

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