Monthly Zone Diet and Fat Loss Update

Considering the debacle of putting on half a stone over Christmas, and not being able to go to Crossfit much, January has gone remarkably well on the weightloss front, thanks to the Zone Diet of course.

You may recall I was 13st 7 (189 lbs) up from 183 in December. Well it took about 2 weeks to lose what I’d gained, and now on 1st February I am officially the lightest I’ve been since leaving University some 13 odd years ago. Yep, finally the scales consistently start with that magic number: 12 ! Ok, it’s 12 st 13 and some loose change, but I’ll take it…. I’m 12 stone something again, woot !

12 st 13 is 181 lbs or 82kg, however my waist stubbornly remains at 36″ which makes my body fat calculation come out at 17%. Whilst I’m happy with a reduction in body fat percentage from 30% to 17% in a year, it’s not quite the 15% target I had set myself. Just 1 more inch off the waist and I’ll be there.

Still I can’t complain, the Zone Diet has been the most effective eating regime I’ve ever been on, I generally feel great on it, and I am rarely hungry. The only time hunger sets in is when it’s been over 5 hours since I last ate, which is what you’d expect anyway. Certainly I feel the need for neither mid morning snacks, nor mid afternoon snacks. I also feel I know far more about diet and weightloss than the vast majority of people out there today.

In fact, in a few days time I’m going to post a response to this news item:

TV Dr Chris Steele, has been shocked on his discovery that he has advanced heart disease. Dr Chris Steele is the resident expert on ITVs show “This Morning” for 20 years, and he took part in 3D heart imaging tests for a feature for the show.

Worse than that, he found out his heart condition was worse than 98% of the UK population! Which puts him in the extremely high risk group.

I don’t intend on pulling any punches!

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  • chris 4 February 2008, 12:24 pm

    Great news on the weight loss Colin. Well done mate!

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