My Crossfit Testimonial

Mark and Karl at Crossfit Manchester asked me if I’d write a testimonial for them, this is what I wrote, thought you might like it:


In Jan 2007 I called myself ‘Crossfit’s Greatest Challenge’. At 15 stone, I had a 43″ waist and a body fat percentage of 30%. Worse, due to dodgy knees I’d done exactly zero exercise since leaving school 16 years ago. I thought I was incapable of exercising, I couldn’t even manage the warm up.

In the last 12 months, Crossfit has utterly and totally changed my view of exercise. Crossfit is varied, stimulating, fun to do and gives an amazing sense of achievement. The short, intense workouts are never boring or monotonous and the camaraderie in the gym is second to none.

Crossfit simply works. When I look in the mirror today [click for before and after pics] I see a totally different person looking back at me. I’ve lost: 31 pounds (over 2 stone); a massive 8 inches off my waist, now down to 36″ at the widest point; my body fat percentage has dropped from 30% to 17%; but best of all, for the first time in 20 years, I’ve had no knee pain for 9 months now.

And what’s more, I’m measurably Stronger, Fitter and Faster than I’ve ever been in my life. At 35 I now have a better body than I had at 21, the wife loves it! If you do one thing in 2008, choose to change your life forever: give Crossfit Manchester 1 week of your time, you’ll never look back and it’s free!


What do you think? Too gushing?  Everything I wrote is true though.

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