Friday Fun – The Future of Gaming!

Mark my words, this is the future of gaming, oh yes! If you’re really impatient to see why, skip to the 3rd video below, the first 2 introduce the technology and set the scene for the 3rd.

Why is it the future of gaming? Do you remember when you first played a first person shooter type game, ie. when you play as if looking through the eyes of the character? For me it was DOOM back at university some 15 years ago. It was revolutionary and no one had ever played a game like it. This was evidenced by 1 simple observation:

People would duck and dive and lean in their seats to avoid things or peer round corners.

Sadly these days that feeling of immersion has been lost, as gamers have realised that the missile coming for their heads isn’t really going to hit them. (Shame.) Well these videos you’re about to watch is going to change all that again. Without any change to 3D cards or monitor or PC’s you can get real 3 dimensional effects out of your computer, and PlayStation and XBox etc, with just a Wii Remote! Enough talking, watch the videos:

How to use the Wii Remote to track your fingers aka Minority Report style:

How to use the Wii Remote to make an Interactive Whiteboard:

And now with Head Tracking 3D bit, watch the demo at the end, it’s extremely impressive, the future of 3D Games for sure!

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  • Duncan Ricks 10 March 2008, 12:48 pm

    I have tried it!!! My self and my manager rigged up a little interactive whiteboard and it worked pretty well, not as good as he had his running but it proved the concept. We use interactive whiteboards here at the school so we had to try it!

  • Lee (Redeem) 18 March 2008, 11:47 am

    Brilliant! Johnny C Lee does a great demo; yes it definately looks like future gaming technology there, though the Wii is intended for family fun, and he mentioned it could only be used for one player, so not sure if Nintendo would follow on with it.


  • Colin McNulty 26 April 2008, 3:58 pm

    Interesting point about the Wii being for the family, could be a problem.

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